Sad and scary conditions of the media in Uganda

I think the field of media in general and journalism in particular is going to be more dangerous than never before in Uganda. The practitioners are going to have a sense of claustrophobia as they are squeezed between two walls.

A journalist being harassed by the security forces

One wall is made by a ruthless regime that hold the powers to punish those who disagree with it. The heavy handed approach to storm and close media houses at whim. While on the other side of the dark catacomb, there is a new wall, newly built with reinforced concrete. This wall is showing the signs of megalomania.

With this deep feeling of great power and importance, it seems that constructive conversation and discussions are not allowed. Dangerous rhetoric’s of hate and boycotts are also pressuring the already fatigued media. This makes one reflect on the words of Prof. Lumumba Africans dance at the exit of one dictator as another one starts where the former ended. Africans must stop dancing.

Uganda’s opposition and religious leaders are letting us down on corona Virus.

A couple couple of weeks ago, Mrs. Betty Nambooze Bakireke made a very scorching attack on the president. She was criticizing him for the closure of Schools due to Corona Virus. She used a very beautiful analogy based on a story portraying the characters of a copycat Hare and and an elephant. However, the analogy was badly timed and misleading. She suggested that it was a mistake to close schools. She continued to say that if the schools were to be closed, every child should have been given an Ipad to be used for studying at home. She mentioned Kenya and US to have given tablets to students before schools were closed.

I live in one of the richest countries in regard to Income per capita, the annual earnings soar to $80.000, but during this time, no Child was given an Ipad by the government. The claim of the US giving Ipads at this moment is also misleading. Schools have been issuing Ipads/ tablets for nearly a decade. The students who got the Ipads at the closure of  schools to study at home, was not as result of a National policy but Individual schools arrangement. As economies are struggling to survive, such extravagances can only be found in the parliament of Uganda where Ms. Nambooze seem to have developed the culture of being given. It’s not the right moment to be extravagant. So, how does she expect Uganda to give ipads when even many homes do not even have electricity to charge them? Are students going to learn using them instantly ? I some how sense that our leaders are out of touch with the realities and challenges confronting our Nation.

Back to the Virus, some of us live at the epicenter of this disease. We know how contagious it is. We have seen people dying in exremely high numbers. The president made the right decision to shut down the schools as interaction in our overcrowded schools would have ended up in big nightmare. Many of our white Brothers and Sisters are praying and hoping that what is happening here does not reach the sub-Saharan Africa yet it seems the Natives of that part are blind to the pending danger.

Mrs Bakireke Nambooze should actually have looked at the challenges faced by even developed countries like lack of enough ventilators which are key in saving lives due to the overwhelming rate of infections. She should have then realized that in case of our Nation, Ugandans will die in huge numbers due lack of ventilators. In the US and Europe, car factories are being ordered to manufacture ventilators. The European Union has already restricted the exportation of Ventilators because they are badly needed. This gives a preview on how grave the situation is. Uganda has less than 100 Ventilators for a population of 42 millions, what will happen if there is a wide spread of the Corona Virus?

So any form of prevention should not be criticized. I deeply feel that this is not the right time for political scores. It’s the time for survival. Let us learn to put the Issues where they are supposed to be. As the Ancient King said; “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:” The fight against the dictatorship will come later when we are alive and health.

Some of the religious leaders are also behaving in disappointing ways by continuing to hold mass gatherings thereby portraying great recklessness by putting the population in danger. It does not require high intelligence to ask ourselves that if countries with better health systems are getting overwhelmed, what will happen to Uganda!

On the other hand, this conundrum is bringing people closer. Having closed schools  in Switzerland and encouraging people to stay at home, we celebrate those who are still serving in very essential posts.

Everyday, at 21h, we open our Windows. We clap and sound our gongs as a way of saying thank you to the selfless people like Doctors, Nurses, Care givers, Supermarket workers who are helping us to survive during these days where the situation is darker than a thousand mid-nights.

We honor them because despite the risks involved, they are still concerned about what will happen to us if they stop their work. Maybe that is a clear example of someone who love so much that she/he is willing to lay down her/his life for others. That is why I would like to end by  paraphrasing the words of Winston Churchill: Never in the history of a Global Pandemic, was so much owed by so many to so few!

Lubwama Stephen


2019, the year it was!

There are those years on the Gregorian Calendar that always remind us of the major events in form of anniversaries. The year 2019 is one of those years.

25 years ago, the world witnessed the end of the shameful and agonizing Era called apartheid in South Africa. It opened a new chapter of hope under Nelson Mandela. Though the Majority population of the South Africans have not yet reached their promised Land, they surely are free from the oppressive regime that had turned murder and imprisonment of Africans and their sympathizers into a hobby. The Sharpeville massacre, the murders of Steve Biko, Victoria Mxenge and Neil Aggett were some of the thousands of causalities of the evil of arrangement of Apartheid. Continue reading

Mr. Kyaggulanyi, never punch someone in your ring corner

For the Black Americans, Their journey of fighting for civil rights had started at the point when Rosa Parks refused to surrender her seat to the white bus passenger as according to Jim Crow and other segregation laws.


Hon. Kyaggulanyi (left),  and in the photo on the right is Martin Luther King Jr.   with Mahalia Jackson 

The civil Rights movement led to the rise of men of deep honor like Martin Luther King Jr. A decade later, Luther King Jr, standing in the shadows of the statue of Abraham Lincoln in Washington, gave a rousing speech called I have a dream, the speech was later to be heard by millions if not billions of people. It motivated many and tickled the conscious of the right thinking human beings. Continue reading

Mugisha Muntu-A Shining example to Uganda’s party politics.

By Walusimbi Felix Lubwama

Marvelic General Mugisha Muntu’s persistance to stay in FDC is not good news to political opportunists. It’s sad-ism to some.

The three months long FDC votes searching trail throughout the country ended with the likes of Hon. Munyagwa quiting the race due to fatigue. It was a real test of stamina.The campaigns climaxed into the Nambole Election that saw Mugisha Muntu incumbent President of FDC grounded by least known Hon. Patrick Oboi Amuriat from the East a surprise to the overconfident FDC MPS who had thrown all their weight and political influence behind the incumbent. 

Mugisha Muntu : Former Forum For Democatic Change party President

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The Uganda Electoral Commission. Will Justice Byabakama Mugyenyi Simon stand the test of time?

By Lubwama Felix Walusimbi

An independent minded Chairman of a non-independent commission.
Since his appointment to head the commission, apart from the by-elections, he has not had the challenge of organising a national wide Election.

He is now faced with the task of the Lower Council Election after 16 years since they were last held in the country. It’s such a long time and single term of service that almost all LCs had remained with only the Chairman. The most interesting thing is that ALL or almost all the incumbent have picked up the forms to contest. Like father like sons supporting the amendment of Article 102(b) to lift the 75 years President age limit.

The Current Commissioners

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Hon./Ow’ekitiibwa Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi, finally breaks her silence. “OKIRIZZE EKWATWEEKO.”

By Lubwama Felix Walusimbi

Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi is Uganda Central Government State Minister of Children and Youths. She also served in the Kabaka’s government for considerably a long time in various capacities.Served as Deputy minister of Youths and as Deputy Minister of Tourism, Culture and Heritage until 2013 when she was dropped.Her political and business profile is very diverse and can be a story for another day if need arises.


Hon. Min. Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi

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Hon.Mao uses Vaseline to treat cancer.

By Lubwama Felix Walusimbi

Since the D.P National Delegates Conference held in Mbale February 18 – 21st.leave alone the most recent one of Katomi Resort DP has never been a united political party. The wrangles within the party emanating from the top administration have been let loose and gone beyond the walls of the administrative chambers through the ventilator which does not ventilate.

Norbert Mao

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The Death and Ressurection of U.P.C.

(By Lubwama Felix Walusimbi)

“No permanent friends no permanent enemies in politics.” Is the rule of the game, so it’s said. By 1992, the NRA/M government changed motor vehicles registration numbers inverted to read …UAA. prominently missing in the serialized reg. Numbers, was “UPC”

It’s just of recent that the RED color in politics resurfaced in the red ribbon symbol of the Coalition for the willing.


Akena, Son of Milton Obote clad in Red, an official UPC color.

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Culture is never constant. In some aspects, things are added. A Language is a part of the culture and we often see words being added as others die away. As an African, I come from a militarily cultured society. Africa, being a vast continent, we have different cultures. Just like in my country Uganda, we have many ethnic and cultural diversities. There those cultures norms and practices that I really admire and those that I detest.

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